Avengers: Infinity War

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I really liked this movie, one of the best Marvel movies in my opinion.   All except the last 6 minutes, first 150 excellent.

Again, can’t say what happened in the last 6 minutes as to not ruin the movie but I think a lot of people would say, what the @#$^$% was that all about.  If Marvel sticks with it and they don’t come back, damn, what a loss. If they do come back than does anytime that happens to a character does it really mean anything.  Hopefully if you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.  My son tells me they do that in the comic books.   I don’t care, still disappointed with either way they go.

Having tried to avoid the spoiler, this movie had everything including the characters from the most recent Black Panther.  I loved Black Panther and really liked almost all of the other Marvel movies.  I’m not an avid fan of the Marvel movies and would a horrible person to ask where this character or that came from but I’ve seen pretty much all of them to really appreciate this movie.  If you haven’t seen at least Black Panther, one of the movies with Captain America and Guardian of the Galaxy movies, I think you’ll miss out on too much to really enjoy this movie.  If you have seen those, I think you’re going to love this.

It is a long movie, go to the bathroom before and don’t do what I did and get the largest pop the theater has.

If the ending didn’t happen like it and what that means for the future, I’d probably give this a nine.   Because I really like so many of those Marvel movies……., I’m giving it:


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