A remake of Superfly from 1972 – This is about a very successful drug dealer in Atlanta and his conflict with the Snow Crew gang (wore all white), the police and the drug cartel.

I was very much looking forward to this movie.  Something different than I’m used to watching.  I brought my 16 year old son.  Big Mistake.   There was a long drawn out sex scene that I still can’t figure out what value it added to the plot.

Getting beyond that, the movie was interesting, I’m not really sure if I would call it entertaining.   There is nobody in my circle of friends that I think would enjoy this.  I did like a scene near the end where the cop and Youngblood Priest (main character played by Trevor Jackson) meet one last time.

The sex scene along with the ending and a few spots throughout this movie seemed to drag and drag.   I would not recommend this movie, it was however better than the two worst movies I’ve seen in the past twelve months (Father Figures and Proud Mary)


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