A black and white photograph of a man in a business suit. In bold orange text the tagline: He showed the world who's boss.

Based off the real life story of John Gotti.  This movie got blasted by Rotten Tomatoes, a zero rating by the “experts”, pretty good rating by the regular viewers.   I went into it with zero expectations and ended up enjoying it. Might have felt different if I had not heard about the “reviews”.

If you want to just escape the 95 degree weather we’re having in Cleveland and your kids under the age of 16 are doing something else this movie is worth seeing.  Otherwise waiting for it on DVD/Blu-Ray is fine.  I thought John Travolta did a good job.  I liked the actual clips of John Gotti that the film went to several times.  I do have to say that they made him out to be a better person than I understand he really was.  Folk hero type.

If you are going to see it, I’d recommend spending 10 minutes googling John Gotti and the “family”.   There were many references to different family members that I was not aware of, think it would have made it a little more interesting.   Also, don’t buy the largest pop – the movie is pretty long.


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