Hotel Artemis

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Enjoyed this movie.   Pretty violent, not one to bring little kids.   Was a different type story that I can’t think of anything to compare with.  Jodie Foster was great and I don’t know his real name but her huge assistant was pretty awesome as well.

Takes place in future Los Angeles where the streets have gone to hell.  Jodie plays a nurse who takes care of very wealthy criminals.  Jeff Goldblum plays one of the criminals who needs care.  Sofia Boutella is not only very attractive but kicks the crap out of people.

I saw this movie the same night I saw Ocean’s 8 – I described to a friend of mine that Ocean’s 8 was a fun movie, this was a good movie, meaning I really thought the acting in this movie was very good.

I’d recommend this movie for all males over 16 – I believe most females would enjoy it as well. Again, not for young kids.


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