Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour poster.png

Great movie but have to have half a brain to appreciate it which I don’t believe most Americans are in possession of.  If you are above the average intelligence and enjoy good acting and history, I believe you will really enjoy this movie.

I don’t think it did that good in the box office because of our intelligence but also, it doesn’t make us look all that great.

If you can get by all that, this is in the top 5 over the past year and I really recommend it.

I also want to say that after watching a preview or reading about what it’s about, even if you are a smart person, I don’t think all will enjoy it because it simply might not be ones type of movie.

Before you go see it, read what’s it’s about, don’t have to be an expert but spend the ten minutes on Wikipedia and you will appreciate you did.


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