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Pretty funny movie based off a group of guys that have been playing Tag since they were in high school back in the 80’s.  Now, in their late 40’s they still continue the game during the month of May each year.

The five guys have all moved away from each other, followed different career and marriage paths but still each year surprise each other showing up at various events to “tag” each other.

Couple nights before I saw this movie, I watched three of the actors being interviewed on NBC nightly news;  Ed Helms (Andy from The Office), Jon Hamm (Don Draper from Mad Men) and Jake Johnson (Nick Miller from New Girl).  On one segment they had those three followed by the three real life guys they were playing in the movie.  Both interviews were hilarious.   Some of the stunts they pulled in real life to “tag” each other were unbelievable.   I can’t remember which two of the actors said this – “I think I’d enjoy being friends or hanging out with these guys in real life”.

Movie kind of reminded me of I, Tonya – an unbelievable real life story that if you didn’t know it actually happened, you wouldn’t believe it.

I’m giving the movie a 6 out of 10 because it was pretty funny, not as good as Game Night but well worth seeing. If you miss in the theaters, it’s probably just as good on DVD/Blu-Ray.  I did see it with my 14 year old daughter – movie used the F word a bunch of times but beyond that, nothing that made it too uncomfortable.


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