Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2.jpg

I enjoyed this movie, wasn’t as good as the first one but still entertaining.  I was a little irritated that prior to the movie they showed a short film that was o.k. but I had no interest in seeing.   I recall them doing that in Coco as well – guess, I didn’t learn my lesson and forgot to show up late.

I did appreciate some of the main actors doing a little preview bit before the movie apologizing for taking so long to make a Incredibles 2.  The apology wasn’t necessary but it was kind of cool to then see the movie, recognize the voices and instead of questioning was that X or Y, I knew who they were.

The movie is basically about Mr. Incredible’s wife being the hero who saves the day along with some help from their kids.  Nothing too surprising – unlike many other animated movies, I did not fall asleep, story was good enough to keep me alert.  Not at the level of Finding Nemo or Frozen but a little better than Coco which I thought was pretty good.


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