Little Women

This got nominated for Best Picture so I went and saw it – would not have other wise.   I’m pissed at the voters – couple hours of my life I’ll never get back.  I was so bored I asked my son if he wanted to play charades during it.

After about 20 minutes when one realizes that the scenes are jumping back and forth in time, everything else is predictable.  I’m not going to be too specific to spoil it for those that are going to see it but here’s a few of the zillion examples of how easy this story was to figure out.  You’ll know what I’m talking about when or if you’ve seen it:   It was obvious it was a dream, the second she picked up all of the writings what she was going to do with it, knew when she opened the mailbox what she was going to do with the letter.   I could go on and on with this simple, so obvious story.

I thought it would be at least tolerable with Emma Watson as one of the supporting actresses – I was wrong. I will acknowledge that none of the female actresses were nearly as annoying as Timothy Chalamet’s character (Laurie).  His prancing around got old.

I would not recommend this movie to anybody.  But if you are fan of the Hallmark Channel sappy movies, well I guess maybe for you.  Clearly not for me and I did realize that going in, just was hoping it was somewhat interesting.


Just Mercy

Do NOT see this if you are a fan of Donald Trump – you won’t enjoy it’s message.  Also be prepared that a big part of it is about anti-Death Penalty.  Whether you are for or against, need to keep that in mind going in.

I was looking forward to this movie because I really enjoy court case, law type of movies, no matter what side they take.  I also knew that this was going to be a long movie and tried to be prepared with food but Regals new buy your tickets at the concession counter prevented me from doing that with their 30 minute line.  Sneak your own food if you are seeing this or any movie at a Regal theater until they figure out their [email protected]#t.

I’m not a huge fan of Michael Jordan (basketball and actor).   I am a big fan of Jamie Foxx.   Both of these guys were excellent as the lawyer and death row inmate.   I thought the movie was really well written – some things that happened that you would think in a movie would turn out one way but in real life probably would have gone the other.  In other words, not an exaggeration because it’s a movie.  I’m sure there were parts that were over blown but I can’t point out any obvious.

This movie was excellent.  I thought I saw the two best movies in the past few weeks for the entire last twelve months with Uncut Gems and 1917.   This was better, not much but better.    I would recommend this for anybody over the age of 12.  There is one very disturbing scene but I’d say to anybody that sees it and comes back to me and responds with I shouldn’t have recommended it for X type of people, get the [email protected]#$#$ over it.   Yes, it made me uncomfortable but it’s one scene – you’ll know what I’m talking about if you see it and you have ample time to close your eyes and cover your ears if your too much of a wimp to take it.


Like a Boss

I went and saw this only to score 1000 point on my Regal card.  I did hear that the screen play was co-written by a local guy, I believe from Fairview Park.  I also happen to be watching Jimmy Kimmel when he was interviewing Tiffany Haddish while promoting her movie.   She has been and continues to be really funny.

I was surprised at how funny this was……at the beginning.  Maybe about a half an hour in I could have told you every thing that was going to happen before it was on the screen.

I would only recommend this if you are about 45 minutes early to another movie you are seeing and it’s an open seating theater.  Go in, watch the first 30 minutes or so and proceed to your movie.    I’d give this a 6/10 for the first half an hour.



AWESOME movie.   I had high expectations and they were all met.   This was the best movie I’ve seen this year (it is only January 11th).  I’d have to think hard of another movie in 2019 that was better.

The big think I had going into this movie that it was shot on one continuous film.  Wasn’t sure what that exactly meant but now see what they are talking about.  They are basically no breaks in the film – no change of scene.  The camera moves from in front, to the side, behind and looks up.  Because I knew that going in, it was a little distracting for the first 15 or so minutes trying to figure out what that was all about but after that, it was incredible.

I have to imagine this is as realistic as can be shown via a movie during World War 1.  That said, it is not pretty, very violent, could be very upsetting for alot of people.   I am not quite ready yet but might in the near future to put this up with movies like Schindler’s List – it is that good.

I would strongly not recommend this for anybody under the age of 14.  I strongly recommend it for everybody over the age of 17.   Don’t make the mistake I made and bring a drink in with you.   There is no spot in this movie where you can run out and not miss something.


Uncut Gems

Great movie but exhausting.  There are so many scenes that you think something is going to happen and doesn’t followed by the reverse.

Adam Sandler was amazing – wouldn’t surprise me if he’s up for best actor.

This movie is filled with realistic violence and about every minute, they drop the f’bomb.

I’d recommend this for everybody over the age of 16 but be prepared for some serious “[email protected]”.



Do not go and see this if you are a die-hard pro-Trump Republican  – you will not enjoy it.  For everybody else, I think you will find it uncomfortable.  It’s more of a movie made for TV, like a 20/20 or dateline news show.

It stars some pretty big names – Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon (from Saturday night live) and in my opinion, the hottest actress in a ton of movies lately – Margot Robbie.

Whoever did the makeup or whatever that is called to change Lithgow into Roger Ailes did an amazing job.

I would not recommend this move to anybody under the age of 16 and it’s good enough to see but no reason to view it a theater – it can wait for home.


Queen & Slim

Wow – that’s what I said to myself several times throughout the movie and when it was finished.  Surprised me that it started in Cleveland.  I was not prepared for that.  It’s a pretty good movie that I would not recommend for almost everybody I know including anybody under the age of 18 and all those that are fans of our current President – I’m not trying to make any type of political statement, I just know that many will not like it.  It is not a true story, just one influenced by many events.

There is no doubt that this movie should be rated R for not just the assumed violence and language.  I don’t know who I would recommend this to, just not the aforementioned and not any of my kids, no matter how old they are.