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About the evacuation of 300,000+ British, French and I believe a couple other countries soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk during World War II.

I was really looking forward to this movie when it first came out back in July of 2017.  I had seen all the previews, knew the story.  The previews are what had me so excited.   I got to say that I was pretty disappointed when I saw it that opening weekend.  A couple days later, over my initial disappointment, I told those that cared to listen that it wasn’t as good as I had expected but still worth going.

It was re-released in January 2018 since it had been nominated for some academy awards.   I went and saw it again and this time really enjoyed it.  I already knew the specifics of the movie, thus no surprises but this time, I wasn’t led to believe it was going to be one of the greatest movies.   This time it was fantastic.   This time I could appreciate even more what was accomplished and the way the movie was made and edited.   The shame of it now is that it can no longer be seen on the big screen.   It was most definitely a movie that should be shown on the biggest screen possible.  In other words, not for the little screen on an airplane.

I’d highly recommend this if you can see it on at least a 65″ screen or larger with an excellent sound system.


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