Deadpool 2

Deadpool lounges on a swan boat, backed by flames and multiple characters

Loved this movie, saw it twice.  Won’t see it a third time but enjoyed it almost as much the second time.  Don’t have to watch the first to appreciate it but it wouldn’t hurt.  In my case, I did see the first one but it was on a red eye from San Francisco on the seven or so inch TV on a United flight, thus I didn’t remember a whole lot.

I brought my 13 year old daughter (now 14) and my 16 year old son.   That was awkward.  The use of the “F” word takes some getting used to.   About every fifth word the first 10 minutes of the movie.  I do regret bring my daughter but not losing any sleep over it.

I am also not a fan of staying after a movie through the credits to see what is almost always a disappointing extra scene but this time I’d recommend it.   There’s a lot to it, I stayed both times.


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