AWESOME movie.   I had high expectations and they were all met.   This was the best movie I’ve seen this year (it is only January 11th).  I’d have to think hard of another movie in 2019 that was better.

The big think I had going into this movie that it was shot on one continuous film.  Wasn’t sure what that exactly meant but now see what they are talking about.  They are basically no breaks in the film – no change of scene.  The camera moves from in front, to the side, behind and looks up.  Because I knew that going in, it was a little distracting for the first 15 or so minutes trying to figure out what that was all about but after that, it was incredible.

I have to imagine this is as realistic as can be shown via a movie during World War 1.  That said, it is not pretty, very violent, could be very upsetting for alot of people.   I am not quite ready yet but might in the near future to put this up with movies like Schindler’s List – it is that good.

I would strongly not recommend this for anybody under the age of 14.  I strongly recommend it for everybody over the age of 17.   Don’t make the mistake I made and bring a drink in with you.   There is no spot in this movie where you can run out and not miss something.


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