Uncle Drew

Uncle Drew poster.png

I did not see this movie and probably will not simply because Kyrie Irving is the star. Yes, Kyrie that screwed the Cleveland Cavaliers.

My 14 year old daughter did see it, said it was o.k.  I expected her to really enjoy it.  I love Shaq as a player, all of his movies and many of his commercials.   He would have been the main reason for me to see this.

Putting aside my hatred for Kyrie and just basing this off of my daughter’s reaction which really surprised me, I would not recommend this movie.


Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Sicario - Day of the Soldado.png

Saw this movie with a friend and his adult son – we really enjoyed the first hour and a half.

Did not get the end, nor how Alejandro (played by Benicio Del Tor) and Isabel (played by Isabela Moner)  ended up back in Mexico.  The final scene was really weird and confusing.

Two things I’d recommend before seeing this movie – understand the definition of Sicario.  It’s basically a hitman or assassin.   And more importantly, see the first one of these movies that came out in 2015 called simply Sicario.  So I went into this movie never hearing that word before nor knew this was the second installment, thus I enjoyed all the action and story but missed what I believe to be a major storyline.

All that said, if you haven’t seen the first one, I would not recommend this.  If you have, got to judge for yourself.


Won’t you be my neighbor?

Won't You Be My Neighbor?.png

This was an interesting movie – basically a biography of the show that had over 1500 episodes (something I learned watching the movie-I had no idea it had that many).

There were a lot of things I didn’t know about the show that I did watch as a kid.   The issue with this movie is it had so many slow moments that I struggled to stay awake.   I did manage not to fall asleep and found it interesting.  I think people over 40 will enjoy this but I would wait until DVD/Blue Ray to see it.

They did a good job explaining where many of the main characters originated from.  I also was not aware that there was any controversary with the show – you learn about that in the show.

Because the movie seemed to never end and the only other documentary that I have to compare to recently was RBG which was really good, I’m only giving this a 4.  Again, if one is over 40 and curious enough about the show and it’s history, I think you’d enjoy it.  I don’t believe anybody under 40 will like this.




A remake of Superfly from 1972 – This is about a very successful drug dealer in Atlanta and his conflict with the Snow Crew gang (wore all white), the police and the drug cartel.

I was very much looking forward to this movie.  Something different than I’m used to watching.  I brought my 16 year old son.  Big Mistake.   There was a long drawn out sex scene that I still can’t figure out what value it added to the plot.

Getting beyond that, the movie was interesting, I’m not really sure if I would call it entertaining.   There is nobody in my circle of friends that I think would enjoy this.  I did like a scene near the end where the cop and Youngblood Priest (main character played by Trevor Jackson) meet one last time.

The sex scene along with the ending and a few spots throughout this movie seemed to drag and drag.   I would not recommend this movie, it was however better than the two worst movies I’ve seen in the past twelve months (Father Figures and Proud Mary)